Group delegation across multiple iPads & iPhones


They can choose to accept or reject the task and a return email is generated.

You receive a message of their decision and your task is updated when you click the link in the email.

Later when they complete the task, they can send you an update by email.

You receive the update, click the link and the task is updated in your master list.

You delegate the task by sending it to another user as an email.

They open the email and click the capture link.

Send task

User A

User B

Your master task list tracks the delegation





If you have received a task and accepted it then you list is automatically updated with the task.

If the other user accepts the task, that too is shown in the list.

If they reject it, then you know that too. When they complete the task, they can send you an update so your task list is current.

With Rocket Project, you don't just send somebody a task. It knows you have sent it and shows in the list.

This revolutionary tool adds delegated tasks into your master management list, itemized with who you have delegated it to & the overdue date. Rocket Project informs you if the delegated person has taken the task on board. As they may not be as organized as you, Rocket Project  gives you the management option to set an advance notification reminder & a push alarm to alert you that their task is overdue. The system also informs you if they have done the task & when, & gives you an option to retain a record of this. No other application that we know of does this. The system also works to PCs via email & Macs although some functions would need to be updated manually.

This is not just excellent for business projects it is also perfect for organizing your family, delegating a shopping list, organizing parties, events, weddings & holidays.

The task stays on your master list, showing you who you have delegated it too.

Within the task, you can see who you have delegated it to and the status of that task

  1. BulletPioneering team delegation to multiple iPhone users

  1. BulletMaintains team management master-list of who delegated to & when due

  1. Recipient of task has option to accept or reject task. ‘Master’ can auto-update master-list

  1. iPhoneNon Rocket Project users receive email of task that enters as a task onto master-list

  1. Support‘Master’ is notified when task is complete

  1. iPadMaster-list maintains a reporting journal of who completed task when

  1. Reminders can be set for due date of delegated tasks for management


  1. Choice of push alarms or / & advance notification

  1. Privacy StatementCan send update to chase tasks

  1. Can send notes

  1. Can set up a project as a person so you can see all the tasks delegated to that person


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