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Next-generation group & personal task management “todos” & getting things done

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

Touch a group and rocket straight to the list of tasks

Touch a task and fly straight to it in the task view

Put off the task, moves the due quickly by the number of days you require.

Delete the task.

Delegate the task to somebody else - the best way to get things done !

The Rocket Project summary screen - everything at your fingertips, grouped the way you like to work

Tasks with due dates in the future.

A place to put tasks you hope to get around to sometime in the future.

All your tasks brought together in one place.

All overdue tasks brought together in one place.

Tasks you want to work on or are due today. Tasks from projects and the calendar automatically move here on the due day.

Capture those tasks, get them out of your head and sort them later.

Shows tasks from projects and calendar that are due tomorrow.



Alarm set


Show before

The task is part of a project to which you have assigned this color label.

There is a note attached to the task.

A push alarm has been for the task and you will be alerted at the given date and time.

This is an occurrence of a repeating task.

Although this task is not yet due, you have specified that it should be shown prior to the due date.


Instantly filter tasks by all, not done and done tasks.


See at a glance which tasks are not done, done and overdue.

For each task, you can optionally set:

A due date or a due date and time.

Make it part of a project.

Give it a priority.

Set to show in your today list prior to their due date.

Make it repeat.

Set a push alarm as reminder.

Move the task to your “today” or “sometime” group.

You can add notes.

Put off

The tool bar:

Send task


Work on multiple projects

Change settings within the application

Set up how you like the front page to appear.

Customise the application badge counter.

Customise the Journal to keep your completed tasks. How often you journal and how long you keep them for is up to you.

The Journal keeps a record of your completed tasks

Set alarms for tasks. Receive a push alert

Alarms are delivered using Push technology.

Alarm time can be set independently of the task due time.

Click on the alarm to jump straight into Rocket Project and straight to the task.

Never forget that important appointment again.

Rocket Project features:

Rocket Project group features


Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project Blank iphone
Rocket Project settings screen

Alarm set

New Project

Create and manage as many projects as you require.

Assign colored labels to projects that show up in the task lists.

View and work on just the tasks for a particular project. Focus your mind.

Tasks from projects are automatically brought to the Today, Tomorrow and Overdue groups as required.

Completed tasks are moved to the journal when you choose.

They are kept there for as long as you wish.

All information about the tasks is kept with the task in the journal.

Need to do a task again? Simply remove the tick and it will move back into the main groups.


Set how long you want to put things off by by default.

Display Preferences

Journal Preferences

Put Off

User settings

Set how long you want to put things off by by default.

Change settings without leaving the app

And a whole lot more...........

Manage Projects

Delete entire projects.

Rocket Project  main screen on iphone
Rocket Project today task list screen
Rocket Project  task detail screen
Rocket Project Project screen
Rocket project journal done screen
rocket project push alarm screen
  1. Little Red RocketMake it as simple or complex as you like.

  1. BulletLogical default settings throughout to avoid unnecessary demands to set options.

  1. A full range of easy-select options when you want to tailor the system

  1. Super simple task-set without selecting any options, not even a due date

  1. Little Red Rocket Rocket Project Products LinkPush Alarm can be set any day or time. Ideal for meeting / event reminders.

  1. Little Red Rocket Rocket Project Link HomeAdvance preparation reminder for task prior to due date. Select date task ‘shows’ in your ‘today’s’ task-list

  1. shapeimage_2_link_0Auto-repeat task set up in one action

  1. iphone shadowPut off task with a single click

  1. shapeimage_3_link_0Keep journal of completed tasks, who & when. Use for reporting

  1. SupportPrioritization option to make important tasks come to the top of a task-list.

  1. shapeimage_4_link_0Notes – add notes to your tasks

  1. Pioneering team delegation to multiple iPhone, Ipod & iPad users

  1. Maintains team management master-list of who delegated to & when due

  1. Privacy StatementRecipient of task has option to accept or reject task. ‘Master’ can auto-update master-list

  1. Privacy StatementNon Rocket Project users receive email of task that enters as a task onto master-list

  1. ‘Master’ is notified when task is complete

  1. BulletMaster-list maintains a reporting journal of who completed task when

  1. BulletReminders can be set for due date of delegated tasks for management purposes

  1. BulletChoice of push alarms or / & advance notification

  1. BulletCan send update to chase tasks

  1. BulletCan send notes

  1. BulletCan set up a project as a person so you can see all the tasks delegated to that person

Thanks to Ashley Clay for assistance with the video

  1. BulletGroup features - task delegation across multiple iPhone, iPads & iPods

  1. Rocket Project’s groundbreaking tool has a unique tracking process for management purposes. No other known application provides you with the tools to track your own & delegated tasks all the way through to completion

  2. Tap the link to see a visual representation of group features

  1. BulletExcellent for - Personal “to dos”, startup businesses, project management, team management, event organizing, wedding planning, business, organizing your family, group co-ordination, team coaching.

Rocket Project is an outstanding tool for managing your own tasks and also has excellent group/team delegation features. It is pioneering in that it combines the positive features of existing market leaders & also contains the key tools that users have been screaming for!

  1. BulletPersonal features - Rocket Project has the essence of simplicity & functionality as its defining rule, you can make it as simple or complex as you like. It has logical standard default settings throughout to avoid unnecessary demands to set criteria. However, it retains an intelligent flexibility so that you can tailor settings if you need. Surprisingly, few task tools have advance planning reminders. Rocket Project nudges you in advance of overdue dates & allows a flexible push alarm final reminder.